I don’t know what games you were trying to play early this month. I don’t know why you would threaten me like that and then want to meet up at office depot. You think I was gping to meet up with you after you treat me like shit? News flash. I moved to Atlanta. And this fresh start means no more you. I don’t want you in my life and I’ve been done trying to win you back. You’re a horrible person, a liar, a manipulator, and an all around horrible person.  The only reason I contacted you last time was because YOUR 40 year old girl friend called me a fat ass and I wanted to let yall know how childish that was. And then YOU threaten to call the cops on me for contacting you and for slander because I say your name on my tumblr sometimes? News flash. You had sex with me as a minor when you were 26 and a 40 year old woman is calling an 18 year old profound things. If anyone goes to jail it’s you. Why do I get so upset over this? Maybe it was because I actually use to love you.