You told me I could live here. BUT this isn’t your house. It’s tour boyfriends house and he still thinks I’m only staying for a few days. It’s hard to feel at ease and finally feel like I have a home when I actually DON’T yet.

Maybe one day I judged someone for not wearing socks with shoes abd having horribly smelly feet. Maybe I briefly thought that it was gross. Well right now I have smelly feet because I couldn’t find socks. I couldn’t find them because everything I own is in a pile in my car in which it’s hard to find anything. Everything I have ever accumulated in the past 18 years is currently IN my car because I got kicked out of my house.. So now I have smelly feet. You never know someone’s story. So don’t judge anyone ever for things that normally ARE gross. Love every equally. Even if they smell like complete shit.

I don’t feel at home. My mom is so negative, ,and all she does is cuss at me, call me names, and tell me I need to find somewhere else to live because we don’t get along. Of course it’s not a home.. I want to die here. She makes me want to die.